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Today, I had a repetitive old-behavior patterned Monday!! I felt a slight annoyance this morning already and it escalated quickly. It was busy and I was answering the phone, greeting clients, doing quotations, compiling them, blah, blah, blah…., so early in the afternoon I just blew it!! As usual, I hang on to that negative emotion for ages to convince myself that I did indeed have a bad day, poor me! And I may strike back by being unpleasant and self-righteous. This pattern happens frequently and I find it hard to pinpoint the exact cause of my reactions. It is as if my hot spots are pressed perfectly and accurately and after I have an anger outburst I feel bad about it and embarrassed! But, like I said these moods of mine are quite frequent, at work especially.

At work I usually receive a lot of requests that I never have really paid any attention to and then of course with the time frame to figure it out on top of other requests makes me lose my temper and I didn’t know why, until late this Monday afternoon I was browsing on Facebook and came across a page http://www.theearthchild.co.za/when-do-you-feel-insecurities-according-to-your-zodiac-sign/ which at first I scrolled past but later came back to it and it blew my mind!! It is so plain and straight forward titled but the wise words inside made me really think. I am Scorpio and this is what mine said:

Knowledge is what keeps you confident at all times and helps you deal with new people. You are good as long as you know all about everything before going into that room full of new people. You are good to go on the trip as long as you have a map with all the possible routes to reach the destination. You are good as long as you have information. And as soon as you find yourself stuck somewhere due to lack of knowledge, you lose your calm. You feel insecure when your course of action gets broken and you start feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. You need to know that we all make mistakes and blunders can be taken care of. It is okay to be lost as long as you know how to find a way to be found again. – http://www.theearthchild.co.za/when-do-you-feel-insecurities-according-to-your-zodiac-sign/

You see when things usually go haywire it is when we feel threatened, taken by surprise, compromised which all stems from our insecurities kicking in usually without us noticing and our natural instinct is to defend which we by turn express in anger, fighting or any disrupting behavior as we all are survivors and we will defend that fact!! This article gave me insight into this struggle which all of a sudden came across my way. My guidance was received on a question I have been asking for a long time!! When we give attention to small, random and sometimes weird detail happening around us we can be astounded of the impact something can have at the right time.

I hope you enjoy the article and I would love to hear your comments. I feel this holds insight for us all and had to share.


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