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I will give a brief overview about Gnosis and to introduce myself…. Otherwise, click on the crystals tab to go to my crystal selection and feast your eyes *hehe* Happy Browsing!

A quick definition: Gnosis, is the common Greek noun for Knowledge. It generally signifies a dualistic knowledge in the sense of mystical enlightenment or ‘insight’.

The main reason I resonated with the name, Gnosis, is due to the fact that it means knowledge and I have always been obsessed with knowledge or more to the point of broadening my horizons. In the same breath, I was not chasing textbook knowledge, but rather knowledge of self! To me, that is the highest knowledge we can attain and the most rewarding as only one person benefits from it and that is … YOU!! The most important person!

I am not here to disrupt the apple cart by preaching beliefs and offending people, instead I am here to share my stories and experiences for people that can benefit thereby. If an experience of mine helps or assist one person to reconnect with themselves, I will be highly thrilled!

I practise energy healing such as Reiki which directly translates to ‘healing by the laying of hands’; Crystal healing which is based on the metaphysical healing properties of each individual stone; Divination such as Tarot Readings and Angel (Oracle) Card Readings.

The art of healing with crystals is thousands of years old and were / are still considered to diagnose and heal disease, to protect the wearer from evil spirits or in modern times you find crystals being used in ultrasound machines, laser surgery and so forth.

I personally work with crystals to draw in and direct their energy for healing purposes, to assist with meditations and/or to assist in helping you reach out to become the best you that you can be! There are many definitions as to why crystals work and they are all correct within their own contexts, but to keep it straight and simple I follow the principle of:   Believe it will work and so it shall!

Tarot Readings or Angel (Oracle) Card Readings are a handy tool if you wish to have some clarity of where you are ‘standing’ in your life. It gives abrief glimpse into your past, present and/or future to advise you of steps to consider. Tarot does not have the power to change future events, instead it can help you to anticipate them.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or wish to discuss something specific. My discretion will always be given – gnosis.mystery@gmail.com

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