Seven Chakra Wands – Various


Guide to Crystal Wands:

Directing Intent

Whether it be for healing or other purposes, a wand will give pin point accuracy on directing that intent.

Chakra Work

Use a wand to clear blocked energy by pointing it away from a chakra area. Balance chakras by drawing a parallel line between them with the wand.


The type of crystal chosen as a wand affects your focus when working with it.

Signs and Symbols

A wand can be used as an etheric pencil, drawing Reiki or other systems’ symbols in the auric field.

Amplifying Energy

The pointed shape of a wand creates a bottleneck which concentrates the energy sent through it.


Holding a crystal wand during meditation helps shift your focus internally. It can be held pointing away to extract negative energy, or towards to draw in positive white light.

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Additional information

Crystal Wands

Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, Selenite, Watermelon Fluorite


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